About Synergize   

Synergize Provide Service has been an independent provider of power protection products and services since 2008. We help facility managers and IT professionals stay current with their power technology by offering the largest variety of products manufactured by the most trusted names in the business. As a single source for all power-related products and services, we specialize in AC and DC power conversion, power quality, and power protection.

Offering UPS systems and batteries, cooling solutions, data center monitoring and management, on-site services and preventive maintenance, we have an expert team that offers support from the entry level UPS to the largest data center monitoring and construction projects.

Protect your mission-Critical Infrastructure  

Regular services head for potential problems before they occur, reducing or eliminating downtime costs. Data center, critical power, and cooling services are smart ways to protect your investment. Proactively scheduled service ensures that your system is always operating at high performance, thereby prolonging its lifespan. As the service experts, Synergize enables you to focus on your core business competencies.

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are very important to computer systems or equipment that needs to use electricity continuously.

Therefore, the design of the electrical system and the layout of the uninterruptible power supply system is very important to design well from the start.

The company is therefore an ideal choice for customers.

We have a team of engineers who are knowledgeable and trained in UPS systems. Including having consulting engineers who have considerable experience in UPS over an extended time. We always give advice, consult and help solve problems in order to  make the maintenance service work efficiently.

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